Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tomorrow's Poetry-- Just Let it Go!

The ward talent show at church was this past weekend. Allyson had a hard time deciding which of her many budding talents to put on display. Should she dance, sing, play the piano, read a book, tell jokes, recite poetry, hula hoop . . . . The possibilities were endless.

Cora also wanted to participate, but I was afraid she'd be too bashful and clam up once she got on stage. Ally decided she'd share the spotlight with Cora to give her a little more courage and help her if necessary. They had some artistic differences to overcome before finally settling on their act-- two days before the show.

So, without further ado, I present Annie and the Twirling Orphan. (Special thanks goes out to grandma for providing the trademark red hair.)

April is National Poetry month, and Ally really embraced the concept of reading and writing poems. A few weeks ago, the librarian at school asked her to make a morning announcement about "Poem in Your Pocket Day" and to read a poem over the PA system. (Keep in mind that the school has about 900 students.) Ally joyfully accepted that task, AND she chose to read an original poem. I went down to her classroom that morning to listen to her voice come over the loudspeakers, and was left grinning ear-to-ear with pride and amazement at the cuteness and confidence in her voice. When I got back up to the front office to congratulate Ally, I had to wait for her to finish signing autographs and getting her picture taken. She had blown the assistant principal and other staff away with her "performance".

With that experience fresh in her mind, Ally also opted to provide a poetry act for the talent show. Here she is presenting four short poems:

And one more video to finish this post out--
When Ally was trying to choose her act, the only constraint I made (and this was a big one) was the they couldn't do any performance involving Frozen. I figured there would be multiple Elsa, Anna, Olfa, and Sven-loving Reindeer songs; they needed to do something different, and I think they did their "something different" very well. If I had allowed Ally to go with her original idea however, it probably would've played out something like this:


Erin said...

So cute! Love the attitude!

ashley said...

better keep an eye on those girls...they'll take broadway by storm one day!!